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Southside Consignment & Antiques FAQ

Kalispell Southside Consignment and Antiques FAQ


How do I consign?

Small items accepted Tues-Fri 10-4. We ask that all items are clean and ready for display when you bring them in. We do not accept broken/chipped/repaired items.

To consign larger items (those that take up floor space or wall space) we need to see a picture first to make sure we have room before you bring them in. Pictures can be sent to our email address.


What are the terms of the contract?

Consigned items must remain in the store for 90 days. If removed before the 90 days, there is a 10% fee. If items have not sold in the 90 days, you may pick them up at no charge or contact us to resign and extend the contract.


How much can I expect to get when I consign with Southside?

Our team evaluates each piece, sets a price and when that piece sells the consignor receives 50% of the selling price at Southside. You will receive over and above anything you would expect at a garage sell or pawn shop.


Do you advertise my consignment?

Along with placing it on our showroom floor, some items may be advertised in print, on our social media feeds as well as on our website.


When was Southside Consignment & Antiques opened?

Southside Consignment & Antiques opened on December 6, 1990 and has gone through multiple expansions over this time.


How do you determine what to consign at your store?

Southside Consignment & Antiques employees all have specialized knowledge in the latest design trends, fashions, décor, and antiques. Everyone on staff has input as to what goes out on the floor and whether or not a particular piece has potential.


How often does your inventory change?

The inventory at Southside is constantly changing and that is why we encourage people to not wait if they like a piece. If you like a piece, somebody else does too and it may not be there the next day.


Do you have consignment booths?

The majority of the items on our showroom floor are individual consignment items, but we do have four booths for local vendors.


Why did you open Southside II across the street?

Southside II has given us even more options in terms of displaying items like furniture, housewares and even beds.


What is your focus and décor preference?

The team at Southside focuses on carrying fine furniture, home décor, and antiques that compliment the latest styles and decorative trends.


How big is your showroom?

We have over 9000 square ft of merchandise for you to roam around and treasure hunt. You never know what is right around the next corner.





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